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News, Investigation & Magazines

  • Investigative Journalits of Armenia (also in Armenian)
  • News e-magazine
  • Armenian News Network
  • National Academy of Sciences of Armenia

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    Culture, Art, People & Music

  • Armenian History, Culture, Art, Religion, Genocide
  • Armenian Culture:
  • Armenian Food
  • Armenian Language
  • Armenian Music
  • Armenian Music
  • List of Armenians

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  • Yerevan State University
  • AGBU Manoogian-Demirjian School (L.A.)
  • Armenian Sisters Academy (L.A.)
  • Chamilian Armenian School

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    Web Resources

  • Armenian portal, email, news
  • Armenian Web Resources
  • Armenian dictionary

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  • Armenian Evangelical Church in Montreal

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    Bibles & Books

  • Free Bible Software (e-Sword)
  • Free Bible Software (The SWORD Project)
  • Free Christian Books & eBooks (The New Life Mission)
  • Read the Torah with this Free Software
  • Search the Bible Online The Unbound Bible
  • Search the Bible Online
  • Palm Bible and Pocket Bible Software GMP Software
  • Daily Bread for your PDA
  • Bible Pilot E-Text Library (By Barry A. Dobyns) Pilot E-Text Library
  • Palm OS Bible Files (Chinese Christian Seminary)

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    Material in Audio format

  • Bible in Mp3 Free
  • John's Gospel in many languages
  • Christian Mp3 Music Download
  • Bible in Mp3 Free The Bible in MP3 Audio Format
  • Hebrew Old Testament in Mp3
  • Hebrew New Testament in Mp3

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  • Our Daily Bread (in Armenian)

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    Acts 13's ministries
    Acts 13 Christian Ministries (English)
    Hope Of Armenia (Armenian)
    Omid Media (Farsi)
    Hechos 13 (Spanish)
    ICTV Network

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  • Church of the Living Hope
  • Youth on the Rock

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     This site is one of the ministries that Act 13 Christian Ministries has started
    to reach the people that need to hear the truth of the kingdom of God.

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